REAP WHAT YOU SEW® provides information about the artistry & ethic behind your food, shelter, and clothing. REAP WHAT YOU SEW awards a golden seal of reciprocity to its collaborators. This seal visibly signals to consumers a company’s firm commitment to the code of reciprocity. The code of reciprocity fundamental to REAP WHAT YOU SEW–recognized by many as a Golden Rule – is rooted in the belief that everyone has both the fundamental right to just treatment and the responsibility to ensure justice for others. Companies can materially demonstrate respect for all the people that bring life to their brands through a REAP WHAT YOU SEW collaboration. Brands that bear the seal of reciprocity become the connective tissue between producer and purchaser. By creating this linkage of respect, REAP WHAT YOU SEW enables brands to tell a story that not only helps people to hear, see, and touch the company’s products, but to recognize that they, the consumers, also play a role in the value chain. This visible connection brings a tangible benefit to shoppers, brands, and the producers who make this value exchange possible. Each REAP WHAT YOU SEW collaboration completes the circle by returning a percentage of the project cost to the communities featured.

REAP WHAT YOU SEW is an authentic representation of a brand’s integrity and commitment to its supply chain through transparent storytelling.

The REAP WHAT YOU SEW signature gives consumers the assurance that the artworks created to tell a brand’s story, whether through the medium of video, radio, music, writings, photos, anecdotes, are conceived and produced with respect for people and planet. All works are signed with the REAP WHAT YOU SEW seal and web URL. This seal is an artistic signature and considers itself a creative compliment to ethical “track and trace” systems.

Almost every creative decision involves ethical choices. REAP WHAT YOU SEW will use the principles of balance and reciprocal insight to make interpretative decisions about the subject and materials used. REAP WHAT YOU SEW practices factual accuracy and always follows the “Do no harm” principle in relation to subject, partner, and audience.

REAP WHAT YOU SEW is the poetry behind the purchase.