At a time when ethics has become fashionable, MIRROR/AFRICA takes a lyrical and poetic journey from African seeds to American stores and public spaces. MIRROR/AFRICA weaves anecdotes to explore the heart behind the politics of purchasing. The intent of this project is to bring appreciation for material goods and to celebrate cultures and technology along the African supply chain.

Select items from designers are marked with special RFID tags that will allow the customer or the curious mind to explore the worlds of where the items originated or were produced by scanning against the installation. Somewhere along the supply chain, a reflection of a clip from Madagascar, Kenya, Lesotho, Mali, Uganda, Swaziland, Tunisia, Ghana or South Africa, will appear. While this initial project focuses on Africa, REAP WHAT YOU SEW interactive artworks will grow into a series with focuses on other developing countries such as India, China, and Haiti, as well as industrialized nations such as the US and Japan.

MIRROR/AFRICA shines light on a long line of folk hopeful that the humble act of making clothes, creating goods, or buying them might sow the seeds for a more ethical world.

~ NEW MUSEUM New York contribution and installation with the ‘New City Reader’

~ BARNEYS New York public art installation

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‘Mirror/Africa’ 2008 – present: HD video, sound, custom glass, acrylic, RFID, bamboo   Edition of 3