I recently directed and created a video PSA for the  CHRISTIE’S GREEN AUCTION in honor of the upcoming 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.  I had my heart set on filming in an urban greenhouse and I was delighted to find Eli Zabar’s Vinegar Factory rooftop gardens on the way upper east side of Manhattan… and relieved with the permission to use them.  We then asked  green enthusiasts to make a Bid To Save The Earth.  Courageous participants made the trek up to the 85 degree Greenhouses where each  stopped to smell the shy tomatoe blossoms, and (big inhale) sniffed the foliage before exhaling their pledge.  Some participants like Ted Kheel were really prepared; his 1992 Earth pledge is a mature 18 years old, and I’ll be highlighting that pledge in a seperate video this week.  Barneys New York partnered with sustainable fashion brand Loomstate to create a series of 100% certified organic cotton T-shirts inspired by the NBC logo’s peacock feathers (which provided a colorful canvas for bids). And speaking of fashion, Lanvin’s designer –  Alber Elbaz –  reminds us that maybe colors do have smell? ~NMH
The broad range of spokespeople in the PSA represents the global nature of the issues facing the environment. Notable participants (in order of appearance) include:

• Ted Kheel – labor lawyer, negotiator and founder of Earthpledge
• Kassia Meader – professional surfer
• Michael Stipe – singer, songwriter, artist
• Regina McMahon Schneider – Mother, wife, actress
• Matthew Modine – Actor
• Kim Hastreiter – Editor/Publisher Paper Magazine
• Three as Four Designers (Gaby, Adi, Angela)
• Christophe De Menil – philanthropist, collector and designer
• Brad Baker – Professional bike messenger
• Constance Jablonski – fashion model
• Alber Elbaz – Designer, Lanvin
• Scott Mackinlay Hahn –Co-founder of Rogan and Loomstate Fashion Houses
• Dakota Goldhor – Actress

A Bid To Save The Earth Video PSA – Behind The Scenes

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Special thanks and credit to the following Mother Earth team:  Toby Usnik, Julie Gilhart, Berrin Noorata, Scott Mackinlay Hahn, Johnnie Sapong, Leslie Hoffman, Wendell Tilley, Ashley Connor (Second Camera), Kimi Selfridge (Production Assistant), Kerrie Jordon (Makeup), Josh Bushueff (Additional Camera), Miranda Lloyd (Photos and Production Support)  Additional behind the scenes photos by Scott Mackinlay Hahn
Filmed on Eli Zabar's rooftop Greenhouse, N.Y.C.

Details on how to participate in the live and silent auctions or how to donate, volunteer and act can be found at www.abidtosavetheearth.org.