If you love riding your bicycle, chances are, you’re going to crash. That’s why I always wear my helmet. I’ve had a handful of crashes, mostly on the urban streets/pavement. In three of those accidents, I was only cruising 4 or 5 miles an hour and one time I woke up in an ambulance with minor injuries. My helmet saved my life in all three of those crashes. A reputable helmet company will replace your damaged helmet for free too! Since spring/summer is upon us, I’ve noticed a lot of NYC cyclists without helmets. Please take responsibility for yourself, and our cycling community. Check out the 20 second film below for some safety inspiration: ~NMH

CRASH from Nicole Mackinlay Hahn on Vimeo.

A series of animations were created for my feature doc film HARDIHOOD (distributed by First Run Features) The seven animations were inspired by Jen Klish’s weekly Ad illustrations for the Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative in Berkeley. This animation “CRASH” promotes bicycle safety and opens Chapter 5 of the film. Always wear a helmet.

Director: Nicole Mackinlay Hahn
Animator: Todd Elliott
Illustrations: Jen Klish
Sound: Kadet Kuhne